Television personality and certified Soul Coach, Kimberly Carroll is The Divine Redhead -- a cheeky, beguiling guide taking television on an outrageous journey of body, mind, and spirit!

Calling oneself “divine”?  How presumptuous!  But this Divine Redhead believes there is a divine quality (whether you call it universal energy, spirit, or the transcendent...) connecting everyone and everything, and the sooner we wake up to our soul’s calling, the better!  Of course, this is the adventure of a lifetime, and Kimberly knows first-hand how messy adventures can get...  After all, she may be a Soul Coach, but she's also still a gal trying to follow her stumble at a time.  And with warmth, humor, and a great pedicure, this goddess- next-door is determined to take every sassy seeking sister and gutsy guy along for the wild ride! 

Divine Redhead Productions
' mission is to create spiritual, wellness, and conscious living programming -- all with a comedic, sexy, and wickedly entertaining twist (think: soul food for the “Sex and the City” crowd!). With her sparkling, authentic, and irreverent style, The Divine Redhead is a luscious luminary poised to usher in the next wave of television: inspirtainment.
  Besides having the divine thing on her side, Kimberly has over a decade as a television host and producer in entertainment, lifestyle, & current affairs programming backing her up.  She's familiar to many most recently, as the spirited host of the comedic design show “Take This House and Sell It!” for the W Network in Canada and lighting up screens from the U.S. to Africa to France. 

Kimberly has grown into The Divine Redhead over years as a “seeker” (or as she prefers to say "finder") herself:  being dedicated to her own deep-healing soul-work; exploring philosophy, religion, and holistic health; living as a yogi in an ashram; working with “greats” from the personal development industry; being a social activist; studying metaphysics, psycho-spiritual and transformational arts; traveling the world as a bohemian; and training with renowned author and healer Denise Linn to become a Soul Coach. Now, as head of Divine Redhead Productions, she's proving to be the “go to” gal for inspiring programming that puts a premium on comedy and entertainment value.

You see, Kimberly and Divine Redhead Productions believe that engaging one’s spirit can be one of the most exciting, hilarious, sensual, fascinating and ALIVE pursuits of a lifetime!  And contrary to popular belief, we can live life in a deeper, more connected way while maintaining our sense of humor, playfulness, and general fabulousness.  Whether it’s finding the lighter side of enlightenment or transforming love into positive action, this sage in stilettos will deliver “the goods” in a colorful, funny and stylish package.

The Divine Redhead
inspires waking up to laugh at a time.

Soul Coach Kimberly talks about a daring, authentic, and humorous approach to body/mind/spirit work.

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